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McLaren College Is Ceasing Operations

McLaren College was an online JavaScript bootcamp which ran from June 2019 to May 2023. Students typically received 15 to 18 months full-time tuition and job training before graduating our program. During this period we had more than 6,000 applicants with the following students completing our full-stack MERN tuition program and paying the tuition fees due. Click on a student profile for more details.

A word from Mark McLaren

"I started McLaren College to help people get jobs in software development who might otherwise not get such an opportunity. We invested heavily in developing a high-quality curriculum and a successful job-training program, and I’m very happy to see that we made a big difference to the lives of a number of our students. But unfortunately we have been unable to reach profitability so sadly we must end the program.

I want to thank all the students who put their faith in our program, and all the staff members who contributed to the success of our students. In particular I’m hugely grateful to our lead instructor Arnav Puri who has been with us from the beginning and whose energy, ability and integrity was the bedrock of our students' success.

Goodbye and good luck everyone"
– Mark McLaren, Founder, McLaren College, May 2023
Mark McLaren, Director, McLaren College